ZHIJXFAVO Wooden Shoe Rack for Closet | 3 Tier Wood and Bamboo Shoe Shelf | Shoe Storage Orgnizer for Enterway Hallway Bathroom Balcony | Easy to Assemble & Space Saving


Super Easy, Super Strong and Looks Great! Don’t hesitate to buy this 3 Tier Shoe Rack for Closet!!!

[ 💖 ADJUSTABLE 3 TIER WOOD & BAMBOO SHOE RACK 💖 ] The adjustable boot rack fits all his/her boots and the rest of the family’s shoes. You get different heights, great from shoes to tall boots. More importantly, the free standing shoe racks are made of natural bamboo and wood, which is eco-friendly and more suitable for your modern decoration style.
[ 😊 DIMENSIONS OF 3 TIER SHOE RACK AFTER INSTALLING😊 ] Assembly is quick and easy but one tip is to only hand tighten the screws at first until it’s all assembled. After installing, the shoe rack size is 26.77″ L × 9.84″ W × 27.95″ H, it can holds 9-12 pairs adults shoes ( depending on the shoe size, can fit 3 pairs of men’s shoes or 4 pairs of women’s shoes per shelf).
[🌟EASY TO INSTALLATION🌟] Assembly is quick and easy but one tip is to only hand tighten the screws at first until it’s all assembled and then go back and tighten everything with the little hex driver that’s provided.If there is any damage since the voilent transportation, please feel free to contact us, we are online 7×24 to resend a new one for you or refund you.
[ 🎁 SAVE SPACE – KEEP CLEAN & NEAT & MULTIFUNCTIONAL 🎁 ] Lovely bamboo and wooden shoe rack perfect for almost any home decor. And this shoe rack is lightweight and aesthetically pleasing but very study. Not only solve your growing shoe problem, but also makes your closet, entryway, bathroom, balcony clean and tidy.


Price: $77.89
(as of Sep 04,2023 04:12:26 UTC – Details)

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Product Review: ZHIJXFAVO Wooden Shoe Rack for Closet


The ZHIJXFAVO Wooden Shoe Rack for Closet is a versatile and functional shoe storage organizer that is perfect for any living space. It features a 3-tier design made of wood and bamboo, making it durable and stylish. This shoe rack is ideal for entryways, hallways, bathrooms, and balconies, providing an easy and effective solution for keeping your shoes organized and clutter-free.


– 3-tier Design: The shoe rack offers three spacious shelves, allowing you to store and display a large number of shoes, from sneakers to heels. The tiered design ensures maximum storage capacity within a compact space.
– Wood and Bamboo Construction: The combination of wood and bamboo materials not only provides excellent durability but also adds a touch of natural beauty to your living space. The sturdy construction ensures long-lasting use.
– Shoe Storage Organizer: This rack is specifically designed to keep your shoes neat, organized, and easily accessible. The open shelves allow for better ventilation, preventing odors and moisture build-up.
– Easy Assembly: The shoe rack is straightforward to assemble, with all necessary hardware and instructions included. No special tools are required, making the process quick and hassle-free.
– Space-Saving Design: This shoe rack is designed to maximize space utilization, making it suitable for small closets, entryways, and other compact areas. The compact dimensions ensure it fits comfortably in any room.

Each feature of the ZHIJXFAVO Wooden Shoe Rack for Closet contributes to its efficiency and functionality. The tiered design allows for maximum shoe storage, while the wood and bamboo materials ensure durability and aesthetic appeal. The open shelves provide proper ventilation, keeping your shoes fresh and eliminating any unpleasant odors. The easy assembly process adds convenience for users, allowing them to set up the shoe rack quickly. Overall, the features of this product are highly useful and effective in helping customers achieve their organizational goals.


The ZHIJXFAVO Wooden Shoe Rack for Closet is available in a natural wood and bamboo color, adding a warm and organic touch to any living space.


The shoe rack is made of high-quality wood and bamboo, offering great durability and a natural aesthetic that complements any decor style.


ZHIJXFAVO is a reputable brand known for producing high-quality household storage solutions. They prioritize durability, functionality, and customer satisfaction in their product designs.

Assembly Required

This shoe rack requires minimal assembly, which can be easily completed using the provided hardware and instructions. No additional tools are needed.

Ease of Use

The ZHIJXFAVO Wooden Shoe Rack for Closet is incredibly easy to set up and use. The assembly process is straightforward and quick, and the open shelves provide easy access to your shoes. The intuitive design ensures effortless navigation and organization of your footwear collection. The overall user experience is smooth and meets customer expectations for simplicity and convenience.


The shoe rack offers excellent performance with its sturdy construction and ample storage capacity. It can handle various types of footwear and effectively keeps them organized and accessible. The shelves are reliable and can support the weight of multiple pairs of shoes without compromising stability.

Value for Money

Considering its quality materials, versatile design, and functionality, the ZHIJXFAVO Wooden Shoe Rack for Closet provides excellent value for its price. It offers an affordable and efficient solution for shoe storage, ensuring a clutter-free and well-organized living space.


– Durable wood and bamboo construction
– Ample storage capacity
– Easy assembly process
– Space-saving design
– Natural and stylish aesthetic


– May not fit larger-sized shoes such as boots or high-top sneakers

Customer Reviews

Overall, customers have been highly satisfied with the ZHIJXFAVO Wooden Shoe Rack for Closet. They appreciate its sturdy build, easy assembly, and attractive design. Many have mentioned that it has helped them keep their shoes organized and saved space in their living areas. The only minor concern mentioned by some customers is that the shelves may not be suitable for larger-sized shoes.

Buying Guide

When purchasing the ZHIJXFAVO Wooden Shoe Rack for Closet or any shoe rack, consider your specific storage needs and available space. Ensure that the dimensions of the shoe rack fit your closet or designated area. Additionally, check the weight capacity of the shelves to ensure they can accommodate your footwear collection adequately.

Alternative Product

If you’re looking for a shoe rack with a larger capacity, the HOMFA 5-Tier Wooden Shoe Rack could be a suitable alternative. It offers five spacious shelves and can accommodate both regular and larger-sized shoes.


Q: Can this shoe rack be used as shelving for other items besides shoes?
A: Yes, the ZHIJXFAVO Wooden Shoe Rack for Closet can also be used to store and organize other small items such as bags, books, or decorative pieces.

Q: Is the shoe rack suitable for outdoor use?
A: While the shoe rack is made of durable materials, it is recommended for indoor use to ensure its longevity.

Q: Are the shelves adjustable in height?
A: No, the shelves are fixed in height and cannot be adjusted. However, the ample space between the shelves can accommodate various shoe sizes.