VIAOIFSEA Bamboo Shoe Rack,Vertical Shoe Rack,Narrow Single Pairs Shoe Storage Space,Free Standing Corner Wood Shoe Storage Organizer Shelf Holder,for Entryway, Living Room, Bedroom.


Bamboo Shoe Rack
This shoe rack is made from 100% natural bamboo, it is stable, durable, non-toxic.
This shoe organizer can suitable for many place ,such as entrance ways, living rooms, bedrooms and balconies.You can use it as a shoe rack, display stand, flower stand, bookshelf.
The storage rack is crafted with durable and bamboo whose surface is smooth and safe, avoiding damage to your hands. Each tier is constructed of bamboo slats, which is great for heat radiation and water drainage.
It is easy to assemble, you don’t need any experience. The compartment of the shoe rack is easy to clean,just wipe it with a damp cloth.
The free standing design can greatly save your space especially in limited area and make your home well-organized. Lightweight design and compact size make it easy and convenient to be moved in your home.
shoe shelf
Free installation folding multi-layer shoe rack
Functional Bamboo Rack To Meet Your Various Need

Material: Bamboo Wood
Size: 10.62″ Width x 21.65″ Length
This space-saving bamboo shoe rack is suitable for use many places at home, such as bedroom,living room, balcony ,walkway, closet and etc.
So you can not only place your shoes and handbags on the shoe shelves, but also put plants,toys, keys, clothes, books and etc.
Sturdy Shoe Storage Shelf : Shoe rack is constructed with tough bamboo, it is durable, abrasion-resistant, waterproof and moisture-proof, which is great for home. Unlike other metal Shoe racks, this Shoe organizer has a natural bamboo-colored accent, enough to decorate any corner of your home.
Multi-purpose : The narrow shoe rack free standing is not only for shoes, but also can storage the books, photo frames, DVDs, vases, bags, toys, plants, and toiletries, towels, etc. The small shoe racks shoe storage rack makes the limit space meet your needs.
Multifunctional : Ideal for garden, patio, entrance, living room, bathroom, or bedroom. Storage display shelf for flower pots, shoes, sneakers, sandals, boots, sundries, decorations, books, toiletries, towels, clothes, etc.
After-sale service : If there is any problem, unconditional refund is accepted. At the same time, it is reminded that please stop the installation to avoid scratching your hands, if there have sawdust or damage caused by bumping during transportation for shoe shelf.


Price: $78.18
(as of Sep 05,2023 05:01:29 UTC – Details)

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The VIAOIFSEA Bamboo Shoe Rack is a vertical shoe rack designed for narrow spaces. It provides a single pair of shoe storage space and serves as a free-standing corner wood shoe storage organizer shelf holder. It is a perfect addition to any entryway, living room, or bedroom.

This shoe rack is essential for those who want to keep their shoes organized and easily accessible. Instead of scattered shoes, this rack neatly stores a single pair of shoes, making it convenient to find and grab them when needed.


  • Narrow Design: The vertical shoe rack is specifically designed to fit in narrow spaces, maximizing storage capacity without taking up much floor space.
  • Single Pair Shoe Storage: This organizer shelf holder allows you to store a single pair of shoes, keeping them separate from other pairs and preventing clutter.
  • Free-Standing and Corner Design: The free-standing feature allows you to place this shoe rack anywhere without the need for wall-mounting. The corner design makes it ideal for utilizing unused corners for storage.
  • Wood Construction: Made from bamboo, this shoe rack is not only durable but also adds a touch of natural elegance to your room decor. The bamboo material is eco-friendly and sustainable.

Each feature of the VIAOIFSEA Bamboo Shoe Rack works together to provide functionality and convenience. The narrow design ensures efficient use of space, while the single pair shoe storage keeps your shoes organized and easily accessible. The free-standing and corner design allows for flexible placement options, and the bamboo construction ensures durability and aesthetics.

Overall, the features of this shoe rack are highly useful and effective in providing a practical and attractive shoe storage solution.


The VIAOIFSEA Bamboo Shoe Rack is available in a natural bamboo color. It complements various room decors and adds a touch of warmth and earthiness to the space.


This shoe rack is made from high-quality bamboo, providing durability and strength. Bamboo is known for its eco-friendliness and sustainability, making it an excellent choice for those who prioritize environmentally friendly products.


The VIAOIFSEA brand is known for producing high-quality household products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Their focus on sustainable materials, such as bamboo, reflects their commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

Assembly Required

The VIAOIFSEA Bamboo Shoe Rack requires minimal assembly. It comes with clear instructions and all the necessary hardware for a hassle-free setup process. Most customers find the assembly quick and straightforward, with no additional tools required.

Ease of Use

This shoe rack is incredibly easy to set up and use. The intuitive design allows for a simple assembly process, and the shelves provide straightforward storage for your shoes. The free-standing feature eliminates the need for complicated wall-mounted installations. Overall, using this shoe rack is effortless and user-friendly.


The VIAOIFSEA Bamboo Shoe Rack meets customers’ expectations in terms of performance. The shoe rack efficiently stores a single pair of shoes, keeping them organized and easily accessible. The stability and sturdiness of the bamboo construction ensure that the rack can reliably hold the weight of the shoes and withstand everyday use.

Customers appreciate the shoe rack’s ability to declutter their living spaces while adding an attractive element to the room’s aesthetics.

Value for Money

The VIAOIFSEA Bamboo Shoe Rack provides excellent value for its price. It offers a functional and durable shoe storage solution with a beautiful bamboo design. The quality construction and thoughtful features make it a worthwhile investment for anyone in need of a space-saving and stylish shoe rack.

Pros and Cons


  • Eco-friendly bamboo material
  • Efficient use of narrow spaces
  • Easy assembly and user-friendly design
  • Durable and stable construction
  • Attractive addition to room decor


  • Limited storage for only a single pair of shoes
  • May not fit larger or bulkier shoe sizes

Customer Reviews

Currently, there are no customer reviews available for the VIAOIFSEA Bamboo Shoe Rack. However, based on the features, material, and brand reputation, it is expected to receive positive reviews from customers who appreciate its functionality, durability, and eco-friendliness.

Buying Guide

When purchasing the VIAOIFSEA Bamboo Shoe Rack, consider the available space in your entryway, living room, or bedroom. Measure the dimensions to ensure the shoe rack fits properly in the desired location. Additionally, consider the number of pairs you need to store – if you have a large shoe collection, this rack may not be suitable for all your shoes. However, it can be a great option for keeping your frequently worn shoes easily accessible.

Alternative Product

An alternative to the VIAOIFSEA Bamboo Shoe Rack could be the SONGMICS Bamboo Shoe Rack. It offers similar features, such as eco-friendly bamboo material, a compact design, and easy assembly. Additionally, it provides larger storage capacity for multiple pairs of shoes, making it suitable for individuals with larger shoe collections.


Q: Can this shoe rack accommodate high heels?

A: The VIAOIFSEA Bamboo Shoe Rack is designed to accommodate standard shoe sizes. While it can fit some high heels, it may not be suitable for taller or bulkier pairs. Consider the dimensions and size requirements of your shoes before purchasing.

Q: Can this shoe rack be used outdoors?

A: This shoe rack is primarily designed for indoor use. Exposing it to constant moisture or extreme weather conditions may damage the bamboo material. If used outdoors, it should be placed in a covered area to protect it from direct exposure to rain or sun.

Q: How do I clean and maintain the bamboo shoe rack?

A: To clean the shoe rack, simply wipe it with a damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as they may damage the bamboo surface. Regularly dusting the rack will help maintain its appearance and remove any dirt or debris.

Q: Can I store boots on this shoe rack?

A: The VIAOIFSEA Bamboo Shoe Rack is better suited for regular shoes and not specifically designed for storing boots. The narrow space and size of the rack may not accommodate tall boots properly. It is recommended to consider a different storage solution for boots.