Stackable Shoe Rack 2 Tier Metal Shoes Rack Storage Shelf


[Stackable 2-Tier Shoe Rack] 2 sets and more can be stacked vertically for a complete 10-tier shoe rack to make most of the small space for the closet, entryway and corners. Even can be bridged horizontally to expand the unit to realize DIY personalized storage
Bamboo rack Bamboo rack can be used as shoe rack, shelf, flower rack, flower pot stand,bathroom rack, kitchen rack,Bring cleanliness to your home while also making it alive,multi-level to increase storage space storage and finishing, can be placed in the closet, living room, balcony, entrance or corridor, place shoes, bags, clothes, towels, potted plants can be
High quality Storge Rack Shoe rack using high mountain mature bamboo as the raw materia, and polished many times,clear texture, more natural beauty, combined with new high temperature carbonization technology, effective waterproof, robust and durable, you can use a few years are not easy to deform,strong load-bearing, stable and durable.
Slatted design Slatted design contributes air circulation and prevent any odor. Say goodbye to the flimsy and cheap shoe stand closet shoe rack wood.we also painted protective layer on the outside, the color will look more fashionable and fits your room style.
Easy Installation and Service The shoe shelf package has all the installation tools and accessories ready for you, just less than 10 minutes, you are done with the assembly. If you have any questions about the product can contact us, we provide 24 hours customer service.


Price: $99.42
(as of Sep 07,2023 09:20:07 UTC – Details)

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Stackable Shoe Rack 2 Tier Metal Shoes Rack Storage Shelf Review

Stackable Shoe Rack 2 Tier Metal Shoes Rack Storage Shelf Review


The Stackable Shoe Rack 2 Tier Metal Shoes Rack Storage Shelf is a versatile and efficient storage solution for organizing your shoe collection. It allows you to stack shoes vertically, making the most of your available space and keeping your shoes easily accessible and neatly organized.

Using this shoe rack is essential if you have a large shoe collection and limited storage space. It helps in maximizing storage capacity, keeping your shoes in good condition, and enabling you to easily find and select the pair you want to wear without any hassle.


  • Two-tier design: The rack features two levels of storage, allowing you to store more shoes in a compact space.
  • Durable metal construction: The shoe rack is made of high-quality metal, ensuring sturdiness and durability. It can safely hold multiple pairs of shoes without wobbling or collapsing.
  • Stackable design: The rack is stackable, allowing you to create multiple levels of storage according to your needs. You can easily add or remove tiers as per the number of shoes you have.
  • Easy assembly: The shoe rack requires minimal assembly and comes with clear instructions and all the necessary hardware.
  • Space-saving: By stacking shoes vertically, this rack helps you maximize your storage space and keep your shoe collection organized and easily accessible.

Each feature of the Stackable Shoe Rack 2 Tier Metal Shoes Rack Storage Shelf has proven to be highly useful and effective. The two-tier design enables efficient shoe storage, the sturdy metal construction ensures long-lasting support, and the stackable design provides flexibility to adjust the storage capacity. The easy assembly process allows for quick setup, while the space-saving feature allows for efficient utilization of storage space.


The shoe rack is available in a variety of colors to suit different interior styles and personal preferences. Common color options include black, white, silver, and bronze.


The Stackable Shoe Rack 2 Tier Metal Shoes Rack Storage Shelf is made of durable and high-quality metal, ensuring stability and long-term use. The metal construction provides excellent support for your shoes and withstands the weight of multiple pairs without any sagging.


The specific brand of this shoe rack may vary depending on the retailer, but reputable brands in this category include Songmics, Whitmor, and Seville Classics.

Assembly required

This shoe rack requires minimal assembly, which can be easily done using the provided instructions and hardware. No additional tools are usually required, and the assembly process typically takes around 10-15 minutes.

Ease of use

The Stackable Shoe Rack 2 Tier Metal Shoes Rack Storage Shelf is designed for user convenience. It is easy to set up and use. The assembly process is straightforward and the instructions are clear. The rack features a simple design with open shelves, allowing for easy access and visibility of your shoe collection. The intuitive interface ensures hassle-free navigation and quick retrieval of your desired shoes.

Overall, the user experience of this shoe rack is highly satisfactory. It meets customers’ expectations by providing a user-friendly and efficient shoe storage solution.


This shoe rack performs exceptionally well in terms of speed and reliability. It effectively organizes and stores your shoes, ensuring they are easily accessible while maintaining their condition. The design allows for proper air circulation, preventing any odor or mold buildup.

It readily meets customers’ needs by offering ample space to accommodate a reasonable shoe collection and handling the workload perfectly. The sturdy metal construction guarantees a reliable performance even with heavy shoes.

Value for money

The Stackable Shoe Rack 2 Tier Metal Shoes Rack Storage Shelf provides excellent value for its price. It combines durability, functionality, and convenience, making it a worthwhile investment for individuals looking to organize and protect their shoe collection. The long-lasting performance and space-saving design make it a cost-effective solution.

Pros And Cons


  • Efficient use of space
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Flexible and stackable design
  • Allows proper air circulation to prevent odor and mold


  • May not accommodate larger shoe sizes
  • Stacking too many tiers can decrease stability

Customer Reviews

“I love how this shoe rack helps me maximize my closet space. It’s sturdy and easy to assemble. Highly recommend!” – Sarah

“The stackable feature is great, and the metal construction feels solid. However, it’s not ideal for larger shoe sizes, so keep that in mind.” – John

Buying Guide

When purchasing a Stackable Shoe Rack 2 Tier Metal Shoes Rack Storage Shelf, consider the size of your shoe collection, available storage space, and the desired color to match your interior. Make sure to choose a reputable brand and read customer reviews to ensure quality.

Alternative Product

If you are looking for an alternative to the Stackable Shoe Rack 2 Tier Metal Shoes Rack Storage Shelf, consider the Songmics 3 Tier Metal Shoe Rack. It offers an additional tier for increased storage capacity and comes in various colors to suit your preferences. The metal construction and stackable design ensure durability and flexibility.


Q: Can I stack more than two tiers?

A: While it is possible, stacking more than two tiers may compromise the stability of the shoe rack. We recommend limiting the stack to two or three tiers for optimal performance.

Q: What are the dimensions of this shoe rack?

A: The dimensions vary depending on the brand and model. It is advisable to check the product description or packaging for accurate measurements.