QYESWHSR 5 Tier Shoe Rack for Closet, Narrow Shoe Rack for Entryway, Small Bamboo Shoe Organizer, Space Saving Narrow Shoe Shelf, Stackable Shoe Racks Storage Organizer for Dorm Bedroom, Cloakroom


QYESWHSR 5 Tier Shoe Rack for Closet, Narrow Shoe Rack for Entryway, Small Bamboo Shoe Organizer, Space Saving Narrow Shoe Shelf, Stackable Shoe Racks Storage Organizer, Shoe Rack for Dorm Bedroom, Cloakroom

  • 100% Natural High-Quality Bamboo
  • Ideal Storage Solution for Daily Life
  • Say goodbye to the messy corridors of the past. Say goodbye to the plastic shoe rack made of fragile plastic.

Without occupying too much space, this narrow shoe rack is an ideal storage solution for any narrow or tiny space, such as the hallway, entryway, closet, dormitory, cabinet, garage, etc.

This free standing tall shoe rack is not only for shoes, but also can storage the books, photo frames, DVDs, vases, bags, toys, plants, and toiletries, towels, etc. The small shoe racks shoe storage rack makes the limit space meet your needs.

Our corner shoes rack for closet crafted from mature bamboo, which floor shoe rack for front door is Eco-friendly, Durable and Long-lasting.
SPACE SAVING SHOE ORGANIZER – Our stackable shoe rack measures 18.5″D x 9.06″W x 28.75″H. The compact and narrow design of this shoe rack maximizes small spaces, making it an ideal storage solution for any narrow or cramped space, such as a closet, entryway, dormitory, bedroom, corridor, etc., without taking up too much space.
STURDY BAMBOO SHOE RACK – Made of bamboo, this shoe shelf is much durable and sturdier to hold shoes and heavier item. Different from the rigid metal shoe racks and the fragile plastic shoe racks, this one is specially designed with a look of wood accent to be decorative enough to suit any corner of your house.
EASY INSTALLATION SHOE SHELF – This small shoe rack for closet assembly does not require any tools. It is very convenient to manually assemble the unit using the provided parts. It can accommodate the shoes of all family members, keeping them in order.
WORRY FREE WITH QUALITY SERVICE – We prioritize customer satisfaction. If you encounter any issues, our dedicated after-sales service team will promptly resolve them. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We are committed to serving you wholeheartedly.


Price: $89.64
(as of Sep 05,2023 04:45:13 UTC – Details)

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Product Review: QYESWHSR 5 Tier Shoe Rack for Closet, Narrow Shoe Rack for Entryway, Small Bamboo Shoe Organizer, Space Saving Narrow Shoe Shelf, Stackable Shoe Racks Storage Organizer for Dorm Bedroom, Cloakroom


The QYESWHSR 5 Tier Shoe Rack is a versatile and space-saving solution for organizing your shoes. It is designed to fit in narrow spaces such as closets, entryways, dorm rooms, bedrooms, and cloakrooms. This small bamboo shoe organizer provides a stackable storage option that keeps your shoes neatly arranged and easily accessible.


– Tiered Design: The 5-tier design of this shoe rack allows you to store multiple pairs of shoes in a compact space. The tiers provide enough height and width to accommodate various shoe sizes.

– Stackable Option: This shoe rack is stackable, allowing you to add extra tiers if needed. It is a great feature for maximizing space in small areas.

– Durable Material: Made from high-quality bamboo, this shoe rack is sturdy and durable. Bamboo is known for its strength and sustainability, making it an excellent choice for a shoe organizer.

– Easy Assembly: The QYESWHSR shoe rack requires minimal assembly. With clear instructions and included hardware, setting it up is a breeze.

– User-Friendly Design: The shoe rack has an open design that allows for easy access to your shoes. It also prevents odor buildup and promotes air circulation to keep your shoes fresh.


The shoe rack is available in a natural bamboo finish, giving it a simple and elegant look. The neutral color blends well with any room decor.


This shoe rack is made of bamboo, a renewable and eco-friendly material. Bamboo is known for its strength, durability, and resistance to moisture, making it an ideal choice for organizing shoes.


QYESWHSR is a reputable brand known for manufacturing high-quality home organization products. They prioritize customer satisfaction and offer reliable and functional solutions for everyday needs.

Assembly required

Minimal assembly is required for this shoe rack. The package includes all the necessary hardware and a detailed instruction manual to simplify the setup process.

Ease of use

Setting up and using the QYESWHSR shoe rack is straightforward. The assembly instructions are clear and easy to follow, allowing you to complete the setup in a short amount of time. The open design of the rack makes it simple to place and remove shoes, ensuring a hassle-free user experience.


The QYESWHSR shoe rack performs admirably in terms of speed and reliability. It effectively organizes your shoes, providing a neat and accessible storage solution. It can handle various shoe sizes and weights without compromising its stability.

Value for money

Considering its functionality, durability, and stackable option, the QYESWHSR 5 Tier Shoe Rack provides excellent value for its price. It offers a cost-effective solution for keeping your shoes organized, maximizing space, and maintaining a clutter-free environment.


– Space-saving design
– Versatile use in various areas
– Stackable option for additional storage
– Sturdy and durable bamboo material
– Easy to assemble and user-friendly
– Good value for money


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Buying Guide

When purchasing the QYESWHSR 5 Tier Shoe Rack, consider the space available in your desired location, the number of shoes you need to store, and your budget. Ensure that the dimensions of the shoe rack fit your requirements and that it aligns with your style preferences.

Alternative Product

If you are looking for an alternative shoe rack, consider the XYZ Shoe Organizer. It offers similar features and functionality as the QYESWHSR shoe rack but may have different design options or price points. Compare the features and read customer reviews to make an informed decision.


Q: Can this shoe rack accommodate high-heeled shoes?
A: Yes, the tiered design of the shoe rack allows for the storage of various shoe types, including high heels.

Q: Can I stack multiple racks together?
A: Yes, the shoe rack is stackable, allowing you to add extra tiers for increased storage capacity.

Q: Is the bamboo material water resistant?
A: While bamboo has natural resistance to moisture, it is recommended to keep the shoe rack in a dry environment to maintain its quality.

Note: This product review is fictional and for illustrative purposes only.