MobileVision Bamboo Boot Rack Free Standing Shoe Organizer, Holds 6 Pairs, Store Tall Knee-High, Hiking, Riding, Rain or Work Boots in closets, entryways & more


The MobileVision Bamboo Boot Rack & Shoe Organizer allows you to hold all your boots and shoes in a neat and organized fashion. Keep your boots free of creases, cracks, and any additional damaged caused by piling them on top of one another.
Store this free standing bamboo boot rack and shoe organizer in your entryways or closets, garages or mudrooms for a fresh and tidy look in your most frequented areas.

Base Dimensions: 21 ¾” x 9”, First Tier Height: 14” Second Tier Height: 18”

Perfect for use with

  • Mid-calf Boots
  • Knee-high Boots
  • Ankle Boots or Booties
  • Riding Boots
  • Hiking Boots
  • Work Boots
  • Rain Boots
  • Cowboy Boots
  • Dress Boots
  • Biker Boots
  • Snow Boots
    Also works with tennis shoes, sneakers, flats, children’s shoes, and casual footwear. A shoe rack for the whole family.

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Eliminate piles of messy shoes by storing all boots including mid-calf, knee-high, ankle booties, riding, hiking, work, rain, cowboy boots, dress boots, biker boots and more. Shoe rack also works with tennis shoes, sneakers, flats, children’s shoes, and casual footwear.
Two-tiered design helps you easily see all pairs and store multiple styles of boots. Base Dimensions: 21 ¾” x 9” First Tier Height: 14” Second Tier Height: 18”
Easy assembly straight out of the box, no tools required. To reduce unsteady or wobbly poles, press each pole into socket firmly until they are securely held in place.
Fits in most closets, entryways, garages and mud rooms.


Price: $145.70
(as of Sep 04,2023 18:55:15 UTC – Details)

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Product Review: MobileVision Bamboo Boot Rack Free Standing Shoe Organizer


The MobileVision Bamboo Boot Rack is a free-standing shoe organizer designed to hold up to 6 pairs of boots, including tall knee-high, hiking, riding, rain, or work boots. This product is an essential addition to your closet or entryway, providing an efficient and space-saving solution for storing your footwear.

Why you should use it?

If you have a collection of boots that often clutter your closet or entryway, the MobileVision Bamboo Boot Rack is a must-have. It keeps your boots organized and easily accessible, saving you time and space. The sturdy bamboo construction ensures durability and helps extend the lifespan of your boots by allowing proper air circulation.


1. Holds 6 Pairs

The main feature of this shoe organizer is its capacity to hold up to 6 pairs of boots. The angled design of the rack allows for easy placement and removal of the boots without compromising stability.

2. Accommodates Various Boot Types

Whether you have knee-high, hiking, riding, rain, or work boots, this organizer can handle them all. The rack is tall enough to properly store taller boots, and the open construction allows flexibility for different boot sizes.

3. Space-Saving Design

The compact size of the boot rack makes it perfect for apartments, entryways, or any room with limited space. It efficiently utilizes vertical space, keeping your boots neatly organized and reducing clutter on the floor or other areas.

4. Sturdy and Eco-Friendly Material

Made of 100% natural bamboo, this organizer is not only durable but also eco-friendly. The bamboo material is resistant to moisture and pests, ensuring the longevity of both the rack and your boots.


The MobileVision Bamboo Boot Rack is available in a natural bamboo color, providing a warm and neutral tone that easily integrates into any interior style.


MobileVision is a reputable brand known for its high-quality and innovative storage solutions. They consistently deliver products that combine functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Assembly required

This boot rack requires minimal assembly. The package comes with all the necessary tools and step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process. In most cases, it can be set up within minutes, even without previous experience.

Ease of use

The MobileVision Bamboo Boot Rack is incredibly easy to set up and use. The intuitive design allows for quick and hassle-free assembly. Once assembled, simply place your boots on the rack, ensuring they are properly positioned for stability. Retrieving your boots is equally effortless, making the overall user experience highly satisfactory.


This boot rack delivers excellent performance in terms of stability and durability. The bamboo material provides the necessary strength to hold heavy boots without bending or warping. It effectively keeps your boots upright and prevents them from getting scuffed or damaged. Additionally, the open design allows for proper air circulation, preventing unpleasant odors caused by trapped moisture.

Value for money

Considering the function, quality, and durability of the MobileVision Bamboo Boot Rack, it offers great value for its price. The versatility and ability to store different types of boots, coupled with the long-lasting bamboo construction, make it a worthwhile investment in organizing and protecting your footwear.

Pros and Cons

– Can hold up to 6 pairs of boots
– Accommodates various boot types, including knee-high, hiking, riding, rain, and work boots
– Space-saving design perfect for small spaces
– Sturdy and eco-friendly bamboo material
– Easy to assemble and use

– Not suitable for storing ankle boots or smaller shoe sizes

Customer Reviews

The MobileVision Bamboo Boot Rack has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers. Users appreciate its sturdy construction, ease of assembly, and ability to keep boots organized and easily accessible without taking up much space. Many customers also praise the natural bamboo finish, which adds a touch of elegance to any room.

Buying Guide

Before purchasing the MobileVision Bamboo Boot Rack or any similar product, consider the following factors:
– The number of boots you need to store
– The dimensions of the rack and whether it fits your available space
– Compatibility with the types of boots you own
– The material’s durability and resistance to moisture
– The overall design and aesthetics to match your interior style

Alternative Product

If the MobileVision Bamboo Boot Rack doesn’t meet your specific needs, an alternative option worth considering is the Simple Houseware Shoe Rack. This rack offers similar functionality and a comparable capacity but has a more compact design, making it ideal for small entryways or closets.


Q: Can this boot rack accommodate ankle boots or smaller shoe sizes?
A: The MobileVision Bamboo Boot Rack is primarily designed for taller boots. It may not be suitable for storing ankle boots or smaller shoe sizes securely.

Q: How easy is it to clean the boot rack?
A: Cleaning is effortless. Simply wipe the bamboo surface with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives that might damage the natural wood finish.

Q: Does the boot rack require regular maintenance?
A: The bamboo material used in this boot rack is naturally resistant to moisture and pests. However, to maintain its durability and appearance, it is recommended to periodically treat it with a bamboo oil or conditioner.

Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for specific care and maintenance instructions.