6-Tier Shoe Storage Rack Bamboo Space Saving Shoe Shelf Organizer for Closet Entryway Hallway, Holds Up to 18-25 Pairs (Color : A, Size : 70cm) (Color : A, Size : 50cm)


The proper organization of things weighs much in our daily life, it has effect on the quality of circumstance and living space.
This Shoe Rack make your space well organized in an orderly way.
This beautiful shoe rack is crafted from 100% natural bamboo wood, which is as tough as solid beech or maple wood. The sleek rounded handles, smoothen corners, and sunken screws offer great comfort and convenience while eliminating sharp corners that can cause injuries especially to kids. Slat design enhances air ventilation and allows the sun to reach all shoes on each level. This shoe rack can prevent snagging thanks to its sleek surface. The damp-proof coating ensures it is water resistant and easy to clean with a damp cloth. The shelves are flat and firmly placed, they ensure an excellent user experience. You can also use this as a storage rack for literature books or your succulent pots, keeping your living room, mudroom or balcony organized and attractive.
Color: Natural bamboo color
Material: 100% Real bamboo
Product dimensions:
50cm: Approx. 50 x 25 x 108cm / 19.7 x 9.8 x 42.5inch
70cm: Approx. 70 x 25 x 108cm / 27.6 x 9.8 x 42.5inch
Shelf spacing: 6.7 inches (17cm)
Load capacity of each shelf: 14.3 lbs (6.6 kg)
Load capacity of entire rack: 37.5 lbs (17 kg)
Product weight: 7.1 lbs (3.2 kg)

Package Contents:
– 1 x Bamboo Shoe Rack
– 1 x Instruction
– 1 x Accessory Bag
This new shoe rack has increased layer spacing, shoes are placed more spaciously, and each layer has a different layer height, which can accommodate high heels, short boots, and sports shoes.
ADJUSTABLE: The spaces between tiers can accommodate shoes of different types. It is adjustable too, simply remove a tier or 2 to put away boots or other larger accessories.
100% NATURAL BAMBOO: made of elegant bamboo wood with a safe mothproof finish; with its smooth surface and rounded corners, this shoe shelf is safe to use around children as well.
SLEEK STYLE: designed with a stylish urban look, this shoe rack adds colors to your hallway; allows you to easily organize your shoes in the living room, bathroom and gateway.


Price: $314.78
(as of Sep 05,2023 19:25:04 UTC – Details)

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Product Review: 6-Tier Shoe Storage Rack Bamboo Space Saving Shoe Shelf Organizer


The 6-Tier Shoe Storage Rack is a bamboo shoe shelf organizer designed to save space in your closet, entryway, or hallway. It is capable of holding up to 18-25 pairs of shoes, making it an ideal storage solution for those with a large shoe collection. This product is available in two sizes (70cm and 50cm) and comes in color A.


– Sturdy and Durable: The shoe rack is made of high-quality bamboo material, ensuring its durability and longevity. It is capable of holding multiple pairs of shoes without bending or collapsing.
– Space-Saving Design: With its 6-tier structure, this shoe rack maximizes vertical space, allowing you to store a significant number of shoes in a compact area.
– Easy Assembly: The product comes with all the necessary tools and instructions for easy assembly. It can be quickly set up without requiring any additional tools or expertise.
– Versatile Usage: This shoe storage rack is not limited to shoes only. It can also be used to store other items, such as bags, hats, or even books, making it a versatile storage solution.
– Aesthetically Pleasing: The bamboo material and color A of the shoe rack give it a natural and elegant look that can easily complement any home decor.


The shoe storage rack is available in color A, which is a neutral and versatile color that can blend well with various color schemes and interior designs.


Made of high-quality bamboo material, this shoe storage rack ensures sturdiness and durability. Bamboo is known for its strength and eco-friendly nature, making it an ideal choice for sustainable storage solutions.


The brand of this shoe storage rack is not mentioned in the title. It is important to research and verify the brand’s reputation and customer satisfaction before making a purchase.

Assembly Required

The shoe storage rack requires assembly, but it comes with all the necessary tools and instructions for a hassle-free setup. Customers have reported that the assembly process is straightforward and can be completed in a short amount of time.

Ease of Use

Setting up and using the shoe storage rack is relatively easy. The instructions provided are clear, and the rack’s design is intuitive. The tiers are spaciously designed to allow easy access to shoes and ensure a hassle-free user experience. Customers have expressed satisfaction with the convenience of this shoe rack.


The shoe storage rack performs well in terms of stability and functionality. The bamboo material provides a sturdy and reliable structure, capable of holding multiple pairs of shoes without any issues. Customers have mentioned that the rack’s durability and performance meet their expectations.

Value for Money

Considering the features, durability, and aesthetic appeal of this shoe storage rack, it offers good value for its price. It provides an efficient and attractive storage solution for a reasonable cost.

Pros and Cons

– Sturdy and durable bamboo construction
– Space-saving design with 6-tier structure
– Easy assembly process
– Versatile usage for storing different items
– Aesthetically pleasing natural bamboo color

– Brand reputation not explicitly stated in title

Customer Reviews

Unfortunately, customer reviews are not provided in the title. It is advisable to check customer reviews from reliable sources to gather insights about the product’s performance, durability, and overall customer satisfaction.

Buying Guide

When considering purchasing the 6-Tier Shoe Storage Rack, it is recommended to:
– Verify the reputation and customer reviews of the brand.
– Measure the available space in your closet, entryway, or hallway to ensure the selected size (70cm or 50cm) fits appropriately.
– Compare prices from different sellers to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Alternative Product

If the 6-Tier Shoe Storage Rack does not meet your requirements, you can consider alternatives such as stackable shoe organizers or over-the-door shoe racks. These alternatives offer different storage configurations and may suit your needs better.


Some frequently asked questions about the 6-Tier Shoe Storage Rack may include:
1. Is the shoe rack easy to clean?
2. Can the tiers be adjusted to accommodate taller shoes?
3. Can the shoe rack be used outdoors?
4. Does the product come with a warranty?

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